PD & Coaching

Whether it’s a requirement, a means of improving employee outcome, or simply an incentive; professional development and its accompanying coaching sessions have become imperative to the educational scene.

Technology integration, Classroom Management, Test Prep, etc…



Services under this area are delivered based on a round-table meeting with potential clients to determine their visions, which then leads to the selection of one, a few, or all of the following services.

  • Potential facility inspection and selection

  • School logo, slogan, mission and vision statement, 

  • Creation of school procedures and policies (Administrative)

  • Creation of school procedures and policies (Academic)

  • Recruitment

  • LMS / ERP selection and implementation (Administrative & Academic)

  • Technology integration

  • Marketing and Advertising 

  • Timetables and Schedules 

  • Extra-Curricular Activities


Engage Students in Real-life

Set up a competition held by the publishers encourages students to learn more about geography, Science, Mathematics, History, Engneering….through:

  • Writing Competitions.
  • Hands on Activities (Experiments)
  • Reading Clubs
  • National Geographic Library Resources